CEREC-Same Day Dental Crowns in Houston, TX

Houston dentist Bimal Mehta, DDS uses dental crowns to add strength and protection to teeth, improving their function and overall esthetics. We use porcelain dental crowns and many of our dental crown procedures can be completed in a single visit using CEREC technology.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown, sometimes called a tooth cap or tooth crown, is used to restore cracked teeth, crooked teeth, and teeth that have been compromised by cavities. The dental crown covers the entire tooth, like a thimble, and is permanently cemented into place. A dental crown can be used to treat damaged, discolored or misshapen teeth and to strengthen a tooth after a root canal.

Dental crowns are similar to porcelain veneers. While a porcelain veneer covers only the front and sides of the tooth, a dental crown covers the entire tooth like a cap. This enables crowns to improve both the appearance and strength of your teeth.

What is Same Day Dentistry?

Dr. Bimal Mehta is one of a few Houston dentists to integrate advanced CEREC technology into his dentist office for same day treatment with dental crowns. CEREC utilizes CAD/CAM technology, allowing Dr. Mehta to design, fabricate and place a porcelain dental crown in a single visit.

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About Porcelain Dental Crowns

A dentist can choose amongst many materials for creating a dental crown. Houston general and cosmetic dentist Dr. Bimal Mehta chooses porcelain dental crowns because of their superior esthetics and long-term durability.

Benefits of Porcelain Dental Crowns

  • Metal free – do not cause discoloration along the gum like conventional metal dental caps
  • Extremely natural looking – porcelain dental crowns are made of layers of fine ceramic material, to reflect light like natural tooth enamel
  • Long lasting – porcelain dental crowns are highly durable, as well as stain resistant, meaning they will continue to look great for years to come

Dental Crown Procedure Overview

Many patients avoid the dentist because they fear a dental crown procedure will be painful and complicated. The process for placing crowns on teeth is actually quite simple. Dr. Mehta focuses on the pre-treatment planning to ensure that the results will be predictable and successful.

If you have an existing dental crown, Dr. Mehta will remove it and prepare the tooth for the new tooth crown. Dr. Mehta takes a very conservative approach in preparing the tooth to remove as little tooth structure as necessary to ensure a stable fit.

Most patients will have their permanent dental crown placed in the same visit thanks to our CEREC technology. If your dental crown is made in a dental laboratory outside our dentist office, Dr. Mehta may fit you for a temporary dental crown to protect your tooth in the intermediate time.

Dental Crown Frequently Asked Questions

Is the dental crown procedure painful?

Patients often worry about dental crown pain. We take steps to ensure that each patient undergoing treatment with dental crowns is comfortable and relaxed. We offer sedation dentistry to lessen or eliminate dental crown pain. It is common for patients to experience some mild sensitivity immediately following treatment. These symptoms generally subside within 1 – 3 days of treatment.

How much does a dental crown cost?

Dental crown cost varies by the type of material used and specific condition of the patient. Before we begin treatment, we will complete a full review of the procedure including the dental crown cost. We accept most major dental insurance and also offer convenient payment options including interest free financing through Care Credit for qualified patients.

I have a gold dental crown, can I have it replaced with a porcelain dental crown?

Yes, Dr. Mehta is able to replace metal dental crowns, broken or worn dental crowns with new, porcelain dental crowns. Replacing dental crowns is a simple procedure that can provide dramatic improvement in the appearance of the smile.

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