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Missing and broken teeth cause more than just cosmetic concerns. These complex dental problems also pose potentially serious health and functional risks. Missing teeth expose gum tissue, making it vulnerable to disease. Similarly, crooked teeth can make it difficult to floss and brush, therefore promoting the formation of cavities. All of these issues can affect the function of the bite, leading to headaches and jaw pain.

Houston dentist Bimal Mehta, DDS offers advanced restorative dentistry treatment options for complex dental problems. To start with, Dr. Mehta performs a comprehensive evaluation that includes a thorough examination of the teeth, gums, jaw joints, and other support structures. You will have an opportunity to discus your health issues and cosmetic goals with the dentist, allowing him to plan a personalized treatment course.

While esthetics is an important aspect of Dr. Mehta’s work, he is primarily focused on treating the underlying cause for cosmetic and functional dental concerns. Fixing the root of the problem, rather than just the symptoms, allows for the longest lasting, most comfortable results.

Dental Restoration Procedures

Restorative dentistry focuses on restoring health, function and beauty to teeth. Dental restoration procedures may be as simple as a tooth filling or as comprehensive full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Mehta will help you choose the treatment plan that is best for your specific situation.

  • Dental Crowns
  • Dentures & Partials
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Bridges

Common Dental Concerns

Broken & Missing Teeth
Broken or missing teeth are more than just a cosmetic concern. Missing teeth can lead to potentially serious health risks such as gum disease. Further, missing teeth allow other teeth to shift, causing problems with bite alignment and the TMJ relationship. We offer a range of options for replacing broken or missing teeth including: dental implants, dental bridges, or dentures.

Crooked Teeth
When teeth fit together properly, they are less likely to need costly dentistry services and more likely to last longer. Dr. Mehta offers treatment with Invisalign invisible braces, as well as options for strengthening teeth without braces, to help patients get a straighter, healthier smile.

Gum Disease
Seventy-five percent of the American adult population is affected by gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss. Routine visits to the dentist can help to prevent gum disease by keeping the teeth and gums clean. For patients with signs and symptoms of gum disease, Dr. Mehta offers periodontal therapy to restore oral health.


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